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CD & Shirt Bundle Package

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Akhenaten debut: Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla
Released December 20, 2015

Includes the Ninurta: The Fall of Anzu track.
Illustrated by: Dymond Starr Austin

Format: Jewel Case CD, 16-page booklet
Murdher Records (Italy)
Satanath Records (Russia)
Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia)

1. Incantations Through The Gates of Irkalla
2. The Watchers
3. Enlil: Lugal Kurk Ur Ra
4. Ninurta: The Fall of Anzu
5. The Passage Through Flames
6. Brahma Astra
7. Anunnaki
8. Apkallu: Seven of the Abzu
9. Mis Pi
10. Golden Palace of the Lamassu
11. Abu Simbel
12. Anubis (Septicflesh Cover)

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